A Package From Pfaffenhofen

A while back, the Loopy Ewe started selling this lovely sock yarn from Germany.  It had intense colors and fantastic yardage, and everybody wanted it.  “Sneak-ups” disappeared in minutes, people stayed up all night refreshing their browser screens in hopes of catching a few skeins, and there was much drama.  Updates to the dyer’s personal online shop also went quickly, despite the higher shipping costs.

I confess, I was part of the “F5 Crowd” several times, but never managed to snag a skein from TLE.  After the third (or so) batch that went up while I was commuting, I bought two skeins off of fellow Loopy Groupies.  One skein became the Veronica Lace Cardigan:

Veronica Sweater

The other I held on to for quite a while, searching for the perfect pattern.  It is now slated to become the Entomology shawl, and I was feeling a bit sad as I strung the beads, wishing I had a bit more of the elusive Wollmeise.

And then it happened. I caught two updates in a row of the online German shop. The first package arrived yesterday. Inside a padded white airmail envelope was a cute brown/mauve bag.

Outside of the Wollmeise Package

Inside the brown bag, two skeins of yarn and a packet of Gummi Bears.

Inside the Wollmeise Package

The yarn is lovely.  Both skeins are 100% Superwash Merino.  Fliederbusch, on the left, is a deep purple that my camera has great difficulty capturing.  Vroni, on the right, is a blend of black and brown.

Wollmeise Package

I have a few more skeins coming in the next week or so.  And then the hunt for the perfect pattern begins once more.