Review Policy

  • I accept books for review from publishers and authors.
  • I accept ARCs and/or finished (print) copies, as well as ePub format. I am a member of NetGalley.
  • I will post the review here on the blog and at GoodReads. I may also post the review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. Blog posts are automatically publicized via Twitter.
  • My reviews include an image of the cover, a spoiler-free synopsis, a brief quote from the book, and what I thought of the book. This will generally include strengths and weakness of the work and comparison to similar titles or Reader’s Advisory recommendations (“Give this one to fans of…”). All reviews will indicate the source of the review copy.
  • My reviews are sincere and reflect my honest opinions. My goal is to share and call attention to great books, so I publish many more positive reviews than negative ones.
  • I reserve the right to decline to review a title.
  • My personal reading tastes are eclectic, but areas of particular interest include: Children’s fiction (any genre), YA fiction (preferably contemporary realistic fiction, historical fiction, or science fiction), biographies and memoirs (for any age group), and knitting books (any age group). Picture books featuring knitting and Sherlockian titles for children and young adults receive special attention.
  • If you would like to request a review or have questions about this review policy, please contact me.

FTC Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for reviews.