Being a round sort of person, I’ve long had a fear of one day becoming simply too heavy to do something I wanted to do. Banks Lee is living out that fear. But instead of letting it get the better of him and diving headlong into a pint of Cherry Garcia, or getting angry and demanding that Universal make the ride accommodate him, he is taking the incident as a kick directly to the seat of the pants and getting himself in better shape. How will he know he has met his goal? He will be able to get past the test seat and ride “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”.  As Mr. Lee records his own journey, I’ll be following his inspiring blog in my feed-reader.

Speaking of inspiration, my buddy Mike ran the Seattle Rock n Roll Half-Marathon yesterday.  He does some amazing athletic events to raise money for Livestrong. I met Mike in high school, and he was a big guy back then, but – like so many of us – he got much bigger over the years. And then, he lost 138 pounds. He’s still going strong, so think about sponsoring his next challenge.