Three Things Thursday

1. Our tomatoes are starting to grow, and we’re wondering if fried green tomatoes really are tasty. Anybody got a good recipe?

2. After years of insisting on using my own bookmarks and blogroll, I’ve finally jumped on the GoogleReader bandwagon. I am now subscribed to 238 blogs (and other RSS feeds). And counting.

3. I am thoroughly enjoying the return of Ice Road Truckers. I’m also enjoying Lie to Me, although after Monday’s episode and the preview for next week’s, I started thinking that Cal’s had an awful lot of guns pointed at him. Wouldn’t you think that would get to you after a while?

The Lazy Gardener

A few months ago, K decided to plant some flowers in a patch of dirt in front of our house. So, we went to the home ‘n’ garden store, emphasis on the garden part. While K picked out flowers, I was enticed by the vegetables. I developed a grand plan to create a small vegetable garden in a patch in our backyard.

This patch:

We came home from the store, and I ripped out weeds and rocks and grass from the patch of dirt. I planted three kinds of tomato and six sugar snap pea seedlings, packed into the kind of topsoil that comes with plant food in it.

And then I pretty much forgot about it. Weeding? Watering? Fertilizing? Please. I have knitting to do. And some of the plants grew, while grass and weeds tried to make a comeback.


Today, I finally tried to clean up the garden a little bit. Imagine my surprise to discover, amongst the weeds, actual peapods!


And, hiding in the leaves, teeny tiny little baby tomatoes!


I picked five peapods. Despite the evidence that bugs got to a few of them, they were quite tasty.

In knitting news, it’s been a slow week. I had a Downtown Day for work, and I was all set up with my iPod and the second Jaywalker for a nice Metro ride. And then I woke up an hour late, and I had to drive downtown, and the only knitting I did was a round and a half during the break in my meeting. Hmph.