Apocalypsies Love Give-Away!

Presenting Lenore is giving away some fabulous 2012 Debut Author packages, and you could win! Check out the details over there. I’ve already entered.

Hey, wait a second. If more people enter, that lowers the odds for me everyone, doesn’t it?

You know what, forget I said anything.

Oh, all right. Go on. The more, the merrier!

New Baby in the Blogosphere!

There’s a new baby over at Georgia‘s house!

I would say a new “little one”, but that baby’s not so little!  22 inches and over 10 pounds, and a drug-free homebirth to boot!

I, too, had to have the water broken to kick-start labor (the castor oil didn’t work for me, either), then went on to have a drug-free hospital birth about 11 hours later.  We give a whole lot of credit to our doula, who was with us all day – if you’re a mama-to-be who wants a no- or low-intervention hospital birth, especially, I can’t recommend a good doula highly enough.

Enough about me!  Go look at that baby!