Fair Day

The County Fair opened this weekend, and I made a trip over there this morning. Since I was by myself, I could spend lots of time poking around the Tapestry displays. I thought it would take some time to find my entry, but it was pinned up in a case right near the door.

My Sweater!

Looks like I got a Second Place ribbon, but I’m a little puzzled about the ribbons.  I hunted down the other entries in the Infant Handknit Sweater category.

Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater

Baby Sweater

All red ribbons, except one.

Baby Sweater - 1st Place

As always, I’m mystified by the entire arrangement of the Tapestry entries, but they seem to have had a display designer this year who was particularly unclear on the concept.  The knitted and crocheted afghans were almost all displayed folded up.


This looks like a lovely sampler afghan, but we get no idea what it looks like.


The tag on this one says something about a boat.


This is Eeyore.  I know this because it says so on the tag.

Cartoon Afghan

Mystery character!

Mysterious Afghan

Total mystery pattern.

Most of the afghans were on the floor of displays, under beautiful hanging quilts.

Next year, I’d like to enter some socks.  I knit socks more often than anything, but I always want to wear them right away! There were quite a few socks entered, and I’m not sure how many subcategories there were.

More Socks

I don’t know how they decided it would be a good idea to cover up the color on the cuffs and display the stockinette feet.


This looks like Embossed Leaves with some added embellishment on the cuffs.

Entrelac Socks (?)

Entrelac socks, I think.  I don’t know if that was a separate category or not.  I didn’t see any other entrelac socks, although there was a Lady Eleanor stole on display.



I think these are really neat.  And there has got to be a story behind these socks:

Odd Socks

There were also lots of adult and child sweaters on display, and some lovely shawls.  After much searching, I located the Best in Show for Hand Knit Clothing.  According to the tag, it was entered in the Shawls/Wraps category.

Best in Show - Hand Knit Clothing

I’m sure it’s fantastic.  It would have been nice to be able to see it.


Last week, this was a Jeopardy clue: “It was pleasant to wake up in Florence, to open the eyes upon a bright bare room…”. I don’t think my answer of “Oh, oh, that book I just got!” would have been accepted.

I am still working on an acceptable swatch for Miss Honeychurch. I’m concerned that if I actually get the right stitch gauge, the fabric will be too loose for me to wear comfortably. This was an unexpected issue, since I normally have to go down a needle size or three to get gauge on socks. Cotton, it seems, inspires me to tighten up on the needles.

I’m in the midst of a Project That Cannot Be Blogged Yet, and very busy with Summer Reading at work, and getting ready to go to Chicago for ALA (which means everything at work has to be set up for someone other than me to run in my absence), and working on some book reviews that I need to send out before leaving town.  And I’m determined to get an entry into the County Fair this year, and the deadline is fast approaching.  So Miss Honeychurch and Mr. Forster must wait on my desk for a little bit.