The Kind of Mom I Hope to Be

When I was a newer Librarian than I am now, an upset parent demanded to know if I had children, insisting that if I did, I would see things differently (i.e., as she did). Since I became a Mom four and a half years ago, I do find myself thinking a lot about how my feelings as a parent and my feelings as a Library Professional serving children mesh. And I’ve found that I remain just as dedicated to children’s intellectual freedom as ever. I also remain convinced that parents can and should be aware of what their children are reading and be prepared to discuss it with them.

So, naturally, I loved Knitmore Girl Jasmin’s blog entry today about her mom’s attitude toward the reading choices Jasmin and her little brother made as kids. Gigi is so my role model as a mom. In 10 years or so, I hope I’m the kind of mom who can have a calm talk with Lil Miss about whatever she’s reading. More to the point, I hope I’m the kind of mom Lil Miss will want to talk to about what she’s reading.

A mom can dream.