A Disappointing Start

It’s been a bit of a rough start to my reading year here in 2018. I had high hopes for the first book I read this year, but it was not quite what I expected. I knew going into the second book that I hadn’t loved the book to which it was a sequel. And the book was okay, but that’s it.

Both books count for the Mount TBR challenge, and one counts for the TBR Pile challenge. Neither one satisfies a Read Harder task, so I ought to get cracking on that. I really need something good, too. (I am also reading A Study in Scarlet as part of my personal Canon Reading project, but that’s a known quantity.)

How is your reading year going? Are you working on any challenges? Did you choose a book specifically to be your first book of 2018?

3 Replies to “A Disappointing Start”

  1. I’m also having a rough start to my 2018, mostly because I came down with pneumonia on Jan 4 and I was too sick to even read for over a week! Thankfully I had some book reviews scheduled out for the first half of January on my blog, but it really ate into my cushion I’d built myself and now I feel like I need to bang through some books FAST and get reviews drafted as well. Stressful!

  2. Sorry about your reading not living up to your expectations. But don’t worry, there’s an entire year ahead of you and I hope you find some amazing books you’ll love and look back upon next year <3

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