354 Days ’til Christmas

Little, teeny, tiny bit of progress:

Stocking Progress

Of course, it would help if I hadn’t been distracted by finding a nearly-forgotten sock project.

Socks in Progress

I started the first sock at Stitch ‘n’ Pitch back in August. It’s a vanilla sock, done without a pattern. Now, I’m just trying to remember what I did on the first one.

2 Replies to “354 Days ’til Christmas”

  1. I’ve often thought of needlepoint as a great metaphor for writing – how word by word we construct sentences, and then paragraphs, and slowly, over days and weeks and months of work, the image of a story starts to appear, and grow in detail… It takes a lot of patience to complete a story (or a Santa scene!) and yet the results are amazing – to look back and realize that you did it, stitch by stitch, word by word.
    Thanks for reminding me of the power and beauty of persistence! Oh, and delighted that you’re part of the comment challenge!

  2. I have to laugh at this post. I am in the middle of doing a Christmas puzzle and found a sweater project I forgot about when I pulled the puzzle out of it storage spot.

    Your needlepoint looks like it will be great, but I really love the socks. I hope they are nice and warm when you are done.

    Re Lee Wind: I think his metaphor is wonderful and so true.

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