3 Replies to “347 Days ’til Christmas”

  1. Yes, don’t you hate that you can’t break all the Christmas stuff out again until then? Acutally, we’re still putting some of our Christmas stuff away! (BTW, check out my blog for a reply about the Nook)

    1. Heh! It’s not so much an enthusiastic countdown as it is a clock ticking on getting that stocking done! It was *supposed* to be done for Christmas in 2009! I’m hoping that if I force myself to update the Interwebs every week on my progress, I’ll actually get it done this year.

  2. I used to love doing counted cross stitch, although I’ve never attempted anything this complicated before. Looks great so far… love the shading.
    A couple of long afternoons on this, and you could have it done by Christmas 2011, easy-peasy, right?

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