Birth of a Blocking Board

When we moved into our house, we found a few interesting items left behind by the previous owners.  There was a shooting script for Goonies under the sink, there was a pile of scrap wood in the garage, and there were several spare ceiling tiles in the closet in the den.

K saw those tiles and thought, “Great, we can replace those water-damaged tiles in the den!”

I saw those tiles and thought, “Great, I can make a blocking board!”

Fortunately, we had enough tiles to do both.

After six months of staring at a ceiling tile in my closet, I finally got around to getting the other materials I needed.  A quick trip to Jo-Ann for fabric and tape, followed by a quick trip to the local hardware store for a staple gun (and staples), and I was all set to go.

Blocking Board Materials

I used Yarn Maven‘s instructions to make the board.

I started by covering the edges of the board with white Duck Tape™:

Blocking Board with Taped Edge

This was especially important because the edges were already starting to crumble. Then, I laid it face down on top of my fabric, stretch the fabric over the edges, and used the staple gun to fasten it in place. Voila! A blocking board!

Sweater Pieces Blocking

That’s a toddler size (2T) sweater, for perspective.  The lines are a little wavy; I might have stretched the fabric a little too tightly.  I have another yard and a half of the fabric and another tile (somewhere), so I’ll be making a second board soon.

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