The Last Yarn

Just before Christmas, I went to Etsy to buy a swift. Somehow, a skein of sock yarn leapt into my cart, and I just had to purchase it.




That’s Merino/Tencel fingering weight from Cavyshops, in the Dorothy colorway. Interestingly, the picture for the skein that’s up in her shop now hasn’t been reskeined, and I don’t quite like it as much. Reskeined, it’s lovely. I keep changing my mind about what to knit with it.

It’s lovely, and it’s the last yarn I’ll be purchasing for a while.  I am on a serious Knit From Your Stash kick these days.  And, yes, for me, sock yarn does count as stash.

One Reply to “The Last Yarn”

  1. Hahahaha. You are so funny! Love the yarn. I have a similar colorway in a fingering yarn from Knitpicks. The colorway is called “Red Hat” ’cause all of the Red Hat ladies wear red and purple!

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