Since I didn’t get to go to Rhinebeck, y’all already know I’m not one of the cool kids, right? Well, I’m about to cement that with this admission:

I’m not in the Rockin’ Sock Club, either.

But I want to be. Especially since I saw the pictures of the latest shipment.


I love the yarn. I love the pattern (well, what I can see of it). I even love the name.


Say, if someone in the club doesn’t like the shipment, is there a rule or anything about not selling it to somebody else? Somebody like me, maybe?

2 Replies to “Lenore”

  1. I think that they make the sock club yarn available later to regular buyers and iirc, they are debuting the “raven” series of sock yarn in November. 😀 So you might get that one sooner.

  2. Well, I know the pattern will be available sometime in 2008. And, oh, yes, I have the debut of Raven marked in my calendar.

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