Episode 10: “Other Theories Possible”

October brings a new Nerdopolis Tournament and new projects, so there’s plenty of yarn talk. There’s also a new issue of that Mycroft Holmes comic, an upcoming Con at which I have volunteered to be on four panels, and that book I’ve been hyped up about all year is now available.

A Few Words as of Greeting [VALL]

Mr Soames’s Tea-Time [3STU]

Curled upon the Sofa, Reading and Re-reading [CARD] aboutsixty_cover

The Hinge that the Whole Team Turns On [MISS]

We Progress, My Dear Watson, We Progress [MISS]

Contest Between the Two [FINA]

Outside the Conventions and Humdrum Routine of Everyday Life [REDH]

One or Two Points of Contact [RETI]