Three Things Thursday

1. I am in Week 5 of Couch to 5K, using Robert Ullrey’s Podcasts for Running. I do not, however, have a 5K lined up for the beginning of July (when I’ll be finishing Week 9), because the “local” races in July are not all that local. Ah, well.

2. K’s stocking is coming along nicely, but there’s been no knitting around here. Now that both Lost and Amazing Race have concluded their seasons, even the Blankie has taken a back seat.

3. I have been searching my local stores for weeks in search of a new tube of tinted moisturizer. The store where I bought my Jane Aguaceuticals last summer no longer carries it.  All I can find are self-tanning moisturizers.  Online, I can only find places that would charge almost as much in shipping as for the moisturizer itself. Bummer.