Notes on Camp

It’s time to let you all in on a little secret.

Those last two posts were written on Wednesday and scheduled to go up on Thursday and Friday. Why? Because my vacation wasn’t all hanging around the house this last week. K and Little Miss and I piled into the family hybrid on Thursday and drove up to Family Camp in the Internet-less (at least, for those of us without Data Plans) wilds of the Sierras.

I had planned to post some lovely photos, but my plans were thwarted by our wifi gateway, which seems to have finally bitten the dust.  To tide you over, a few notes:

1. Running on a hilly trail at 3600 feet is different from running on a flat stretch of pavement at 500 feet. Really, really different.

2. Camping is ever so much nicer when there are flush toilets available.

3. Even slightly complicated lace patterns will be too much to handle while simultaneously chatting with other campers. Stick to stockinette.

4. Never underestimate the entertainment value of a deck of cards. Or, if one of your party happens to be a toddler, the entertainment value of a bowl, a stick, and a really big patch of sand.