But is it a Sport?

My mother-in-law (who lives with us and cares for Little Miss during the day) announced yesterday that in 20 years, we should expect to see Little Miss on the US Olympic Curling Team, because they’ve been watching so much of it during the day, while K and I are at work. This fed into an ongoing discussion of whether curling is a sport. If a woman who is five months pregnant can still compete at something, is that something a sport? This led to other activities that could arguably be considered “not sports”: bowling, horseback riding, car racing, etc.

“What about knitting?” I asked. “Is that a sport?”

“No,” said K, without a moment’s hesitation.

“It is the way I do it!”

I made it to Unwind yesterday afternoon. It turns out that they weren’t closed on Thursday – the fellow who cleans the windows had turned the sign around, and I just didn’t push hard enough on the door. But it worked out well, since the size US7 circ I bought had just arrived in the meantime. In fact, I got to pluck it right out of the shipping box.

I bought some Merino VIII as well, because I’ve added the Olympic Reindeer Hat to my Olympic ambitions this year.

The Makings of a Hat

I’m not sure where I think I’m going to find all this extra time. I leave for Stitches West in about five and a half days now, I’m still working on my homework swatches for my Suitable Seams class, I’ve just managed to get a couple repeats of the cable/rib pattern on the body of Mr. Greenjeans done, I’m working on a test knit of a sock for Chrissy Gardiner’s next book (oh, yes, it’s coming, and it will be even better than Toe-Up!, I tell you), I have a book to read for my monthly book club, and, y’know, I have this full-time job.

Still, before I leave for 3 days of knitterly festivities, it would be nice to at least leave K with an Olympic hat to keep her head warm all weekend.