Many thanks to Ellen, who reminded me about the Fabulous Fiber Fest going on this weekend. I did have it on my calendar already, but it was nice to get a reminder.  I loaded Little Miss into the car, and the two of us hit the Fest on its last day this morning.

I was a little surprised that there didn’t seem to be any local yarn vendors there.  Maybe I was spoiled by Stitches West a few years back, but I remember a bunch of Bay Area shops had space in the Expo.  The Fiber Fest was a little smaller than I would have imagined, but that didn’t stop me from spending some money. I started out at Carolina Homespun, where I picked up some sock yarn.


Mountain Colors Bearfoot

I also came thisclose to buying some fantastic pink Pygora from Peppermint Pastures, and then I remembered that I don’t spin.  I wandered around until I came across Sheila & Michael Ernst of Glass Pens, from whom I picked up a little more sock yarn.

Fly*Dyed Monarch 3-ply

I strolled past Lisa Souza‘s booth a couple times before stopping and buying some laceweight.


At that point, Little Miss was getting hungry, and I had spent all my money, so it was time to go. Next year, I’m taking a spinning class. Maybe. We’ll see.